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Approach to Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can assist you to understand your problems and yourself so that you can make changes in your life. While addressing problem areas of life, psychotherapy can also bring personal and spiritual growth.

You can learn to manage your life in more fulfilling ways and, in the process, realize your full potential. All of us feel worried, distressed, or depressed at some point in the journey of life. We may even feel overwhelmed with life’s challenges and wonder about our ability to continue to cope. You may see yourself repeating the some mistakes and seek to understand yourself more fully so that you can change this pattern. Engaging in psychotherapy is a wonderful opportunity for you to talk about whatever is troubling you.

By assisting you to draw on your own strengths, an experienced psychotherapist like Dr. Price can help you to approach your life in a fresh, new, and exciting way. Through this process you can learn something about yourself and how you view your world. Remember, you are potent; you have the power to change something about your life. Contact Dr. Price for an appointment today.

Approach to Care and Healing:

Dr. Price's orientation to patient care is dynamic, which incorporates psychoanalytic, existential, and relationship-based psychotherapy principles. He also weaves the cognitive-behavioral approach into the care of his patients as it relates to dynamic issues. This means that he looks at your patterns of thinking and behaving, and at life events that make life more difficult for you.

Psychotherapy focuses largely on problems of today, although patterns learned over time will also be important in his delivery of care. Dr. Price has found that when treating most patients, it is useful to utilize a multi-modal approach that also includes insight oriented and supportive therapy. In general, his approach to psychotherapy is individually tailored to the patient’s age, personality, and specific needs. It is important to let you know that Dr. Price respects your religious and spiritual beliefs. He will feel very comfortable if you wish to include these in your treatment visits. Please feel free to discuss this subject with him.

Dr. Price does not prescribe medication. In some cases, referral to your physician, PA, or nurse practitioner for a medical evaluation or for psychopharmacological treatment may be advised. Contact Dr. Price for an appointment today.