Quail Hollow Psychotherapy

Directions And Information About Dr. Price's Therapy Office

About the Business:
Dr. Price’s practice is a separate, independent business entity under the name, Quail Hollow Psychotherapy, PLLC, and he is independently licensed and insured.

About the Office:
Dr. Price’s office space is in a private portion of his place of residence overlooking beautiful Discovery Bay in Clallam County. Since his psychotherapy office is a "home office," you may be introduced to his "therapy" pet cats, Henry and Sally. While they are loving, warm, and friendly animals, and many patients enjoy seeing them, you might not be an animal person. If this is the case, simply say so and Dr. Price will make sure you are not bothered by their presence. Even if you are an animal lover, you are expected to set limits with them.

Map Of Location:
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Dr. Price treats patients in Sequim, Port Angeles, Port Townsend, Olympic Peninsula, Clallam County, Kitsap Peninsula, and Jefferson County in Washington (WA) state.

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Phone: 360.683.4818
Email: drprice@quailhollowtherapy.com