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Quail Hollow Psychotherapy is devoted to confidential care of individuals and couples,
offering a safe, enriching, supportive, and unique place
to explore important and sensitive issues in your life.

Psychotherapy Can Change Your Life

DistressAre you worried or depressed? Feeling overwhelmed and wondering about your ability to cope? Repeating mistakes in life? Do you want to understand yourself or your relationship to someone else more fully?

Psychotherapy is a wonderful opportunity for you to explore whatever may seem troubling to you.

Psychotherapy will help you understand your problems and your life, enabling changes. While addressing problems areas of life, psychotherapy also brings personal and spiritual growth and healing.

By helping you draw on your own strengths, psychotherapy allows you to approach life in a fresh, new, and exciting way. You can learn something about yourself and how you view your world.

Remember, you are potent; you have the power to change your life.


Meet Dr. Price

Maybe it was being the middle child -- with a younger brother and an older sister in his family, and growing up in an east coast community that spurred Joe Price to develop sensitivity to self-development and healing. As a child he remembers being occupied with dynamics of family. Those dynamics have served as his life-long compass.

Quail Hollow Psychotherapy

He has spent his entire distinguished forty-year professional career nurturing others through his work as university teacher, writer, and skillful psychotherapist.

His most recent professional adventure has involved years of integrating psychotherapy into primary care medicine; teaching family physicians how to lean-in to the emotional dimensions of patient care, and also treating his own primary care behavioral health patients. He says, "psychotherapy in the primary care setting is a defining expression of whole person care."

Dr. Price has a compelling urgency to support his patients through the realization of the deepest possibility of human life: recognizing and reconnecting with the truth of who they are. In an atmosphere of safety and trust, you’ll find him to be a brilliant source of healing light along the journey pathway.

Dr. Price treats patients in Sequim, Port Angeles, Port Townsend, Olympic Peninsula, Clallam County, Kitsap Peninsula, and Jefferson County in Washington (WA) state.

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